About Us

Gaswoods are Canada’s first pre rolled leaf cigars (Backwoods). We take pride in our craftsmanship and make sure every single Gaswood is rolled to perfection. They are rolled using only the finest Cannabis (AAAA Strains) and Concentrates (Oils, Shatters, Waxes, Solventless, Distillate & more) available on the market today. Each Gaswood is either sealed with concentrates or all natural cigar glue. We work with the industries top growers, extractors, producers and companies to ensure you nothing but the finest product hands down. 

Gaswoods are perfect for any occasion and for all different types of people. As long as you like amazing Cannabis, then you will definitely love Gaswoods. They come packaged inside a small baggie, sealed in an air tight tube to guarantee freshness and to keep out air, moisture, etc. Some examples of where Gaswoods would be super clutch: 

  • Parties/Events 
  • Concerts
  • While on the go and having no time to roll 
  • Boating 
  • After a meal
  • First thing in the morning not having to roll one 
  • For people who can’t roll blunts or love perfect backwoods 
  • Hiking or while on the beach 

What’s inside?

We have two main types of Gaswoods; ones with just Cannabis, and ones with Cannabis and concentrate mixed together. The cannabis ones are filled with approximately 1.7-2 grams of cured ground up AAAA Bud. The concentrate ones are roughly the same amount of cannabis and then about .2-.3 grams of concentrates (which helps the blunt burn really slow and and an extra kick to it).

We realize that blunts aren’t for everybody and want to be able to accommodate everyone, so we made “GasDoobs”. GasDoobs are pre rolled joints with about 1.2 grams of dried cannabis and roughly .3 of concentrates. ALL GasDoobs have concentrates in them unlike the Gaswoods.